1402, 2017

Author Platform Success Plan

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I speak to many aspiring writers. When we discuss writing, eyes are wide open. When we talk about publishing, writers are curious. When I mention building an author platform, I’m met with blank stares. It’s pretty universal.

Writers, in general, are creative sorts and not natural-born marketers. Yet most seek some financial reward for their effort. Many hope for major success. So, how do you fill in the gap between knowledge and desire?

When I decided to make writing my business a few years ago, I looked at my numbers. Zero blog posts. 100 +/- friends on Facebook. Zero email contacts beyond friends and family. I had a long way to go. Maybe you can relate. I needed a plan to get where I wanted to go. But first, I […]

1904, 2016

Write a Book Grow Your Business Unveiled

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Drum roll please…

I just received the proof of my new book, Write a Book Grow Your Business: Build credibility, establish expertise and develop trust with your ideal client. I couldn’t be more excited! After 15 months of researching, writing, editing, and production, the book finally came to life. There are a few more steps before I hand it over to the Amazon gods and many more hours of marketing and promotion ahead of me. For now, I’ll relish the accomplishment of realizing another goal­—my third book.

You might wonder if finishing a third book is as joyful as the first. Athletes are often asked how winning a second or third Super Bowl compares to the first if they are lucky enough to be in that position.

Each book starts with a […]

2210, 2015

Tips for a Killer Book Launch (Part 2)

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In Tips for a Killer Book Launch (Part 1), we laid out the basics for getting your book launch event, well, launched. Here is Part II where you will find out what goes on at the event itself.

Ask For Help

Ask for help with the event. Because the focus is on you and your book, don’t get stuck handling the details that day. Delegate tasks to employees, ask co-workers or beg friends and family to help with any and all of the big and little aspects of the event. With each new person you engage in the process, the more likely they are to help spread the word. They are invested in the outcome and have more reason to ensure its success. The more people you anticipate at the event, […]