Work With Me

Publishing your book is a journey – it’s easy to get lost.

From topic selection to the writing process, from cover design to e-book technology, there’s so much to do and to understand … and there’s so much confusing and contradictory information and advice.

I want you to succeed.

I’m here to help cut through the confusion and create clarity.

I provide a road map for your book-publishing journey, offering a combination of information and inspiration to guide you.

Because there’s NOTHING like that moment of holding your published book in your hands for the first time.

The workshops and individual services described here range from introductory to advanced, and support your efforts whether you’re a confirmed do-it-yourself type, or want more support along the way.

Here’s what one author had to say:

Lois, you have been such a pleasure to work with to get my book published. I don’t think I could have worked with a better person to meet my publishing goal. I was so impressed with your technical knowledge of all that is required to organize, format, and market my book for publication. Additionally, involving your editor in the final review of my manuscript made a big difference in the overall quality of my book. You have great interpersonal skills, and for me as a first time author, you demonstrated seemingly endless patience and willingness to walk me through step-by-step all of the intricate details necessary to get my book printed and placed on to sell. When I write my next book, you will certainly be the one I call to assist me. I highly recommend you to anyone that is looking for someone with your expertise to assist them in publishing their book. Thank you so much!

~ Harold E. Stafford, Author of Ellis “Water Boy” Stafford

And if you have any questions, please reach out and contact me.

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