Publishing Solutions

If you have a manuscript that’s ready-to-go, let The Happy Self-Publisher team transform it into the book of your dreams! We’ll provide the publishing solutions you need with personal attention you deserve. We’ll edit, format, and publish your book to appear on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other online retailers, and make it available to bookstores, libraries, and academic institutions. Our team will take you through the final steps on your way to becoming a published author.

Why choose The Happy Self-Publisher?

Personal attention. Expert guidance. Ultimate control.

Personal attention

Aspiring authors spend months or even years working on their manuscripts and don’t want to hand over their “baby” to just anyone. They choose The Happy Self-Publisher because they want a caring professional committed to their success and determined to produce a quality product.

You have access to me through the entire publishing process. I will answer your questions and guide you through until you hold the book in your hands. “Patience” is my approach and the thing my clients appreciate the most.

Expert guidance

If you’re a first-time author, you don’t know what to expect or even the right questions to ask.

That’s where the real difference lies.

As a student of the writing and publishing industry, I will guide you to make the best decisions about all things related to your book. As an author of three books and a business owner, I understand the complexities of the shift from writer to author. With a focus on the business side of writing, I help business professionals incorporate the book into their business growth plan and help others discover their place in the market.

You’ll approach authorship with confidence.

Ultimate control

You keep ALL rights AND royalties to the finished product. 

Unlike working with traditional publishers, you get to write what you want and how you want to write it. With traditional publishing, you often need to get an agent who then tries to find a publisher. If you are lucky enough to do either, you will likely wait at least two years until publication. They set the price and the royalty you receive, plus hold the rights to your book.

With The Happy Self-Publisher, you control the timing, the price, and the distribution. You hold the publishing rights to do as you wish with the book in the future.


Unlike working with hybrid or vanity publishers, you get to keep all of your royalties.

You have control over the how the book is presented to the world and control your earning potential. Many hybrid publishers offer “the best of both traditional and self-publishing.” What they don’t tell you is that it is best for them. You pay for the costs up front AND give up your rights and (often) half of your royalties. If that isn’t enough, hybrid publishers set the price for the book (often higher than market value) and charge you a premium for the books you purchase.

The Happy Self-Publisher model gives you control over the entire process. You set the price, control the timing, buy books at wholesale, plus you keep the rights and ALL of your royalties. You pay for the publishing services up front and the rest is yours. Doesn’t that sound better?

Each project gets personal attention. That means you get to choose just the services you want without a bloated plan of things that will not make your book any better or easier to sell. You’ll get a quote based on your goals for the book and the help you need to get it discovered by a world of readers.

If this all feels daunting, schedule a Complimentary 30-Minute Discovery Session and let’s talk about your project and getting you published.

[No sales pressure. It’s just you and me. I PROMISE!]

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Here’s what one author had to say:

Lois, you have been such a pleasure to work with to get my book published. I don’t think I could have worked with a better person to meet my publishing goal. I was so impressed with your technical knowledge of all that is required to organize, format, and market my book for publication. Additionally, involving your editor in the final review of my manuscript made a big difference in the overall quality of my book. You have great interpersonal skills, and for me as a first-time author, you demonstrated seemingly endless patience and willingness to walk me through step-by-step all of the intricate details necessary to get my book printed and placed on to sell. When I write my next book, you will certainly be the one I call to assist me. I highly recommend you to anyone that is looking for someone with your expertise to assist them in publishing their book. Thank you so much!

~ Harold Stafford, Author of Harold “Water Boy” Stafford

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