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Be Thankful for Writing

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The upcoming holiday season brings gratitude, joy and an opportunity to celebrate life with those you love. It is the time of year to express our thankfulness for family, friends, opportunities, progress, and yes, writing. As a blogger, writer, or author, you love to write! So, you should always be thankful for writing, right?

Many business and entrepreneurial articles correlate thankfulness with success, often portraying thankfulness as a “secret ingredient” in goal progression.

Daily routine: Get up. Get dressed. Be thankful.

Simply expressing thankfulness as a tool for success minimizes what it means to truly be thankful. Being thankful is not solely an item on your to-do list or a pathway to success, but it can be a means of refocusing our thoughts and a powerful […]

2102, 2017

Unearth the Gems Inside of You

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We’ve all seen rocks. We’ve kicked them, collected them, and skipped them over ponds. Rocks located near rough waters or lining fast-moving streams get tumbled and worn, smoothed and reshaped. Rocks tumbling down mountainsides range from jagged boulders to tiny pebbles not much bigger than seeds which accompany them on their downward path.

Yet, what looks like a rock on the outside isn’t always the case. While many rocks divided in two are bound to become smaller versions of the mother rock. Others conceal one of nature’s great surprises. Deep within Earth’s crust and buried beneath mountains of rocks, hold crystallized minerals known as gemstones.

Chiseling away below certain rocks reveal shimmering beauty. Colors so brilliant they can only be found in nature. Yet, each rock reveals something quite different. Whether […]

702, 2017

Lessons from the Life of a Juggler

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For those of you who don’t know me well, besides being a writer, I am also a professional juggler. For 25 years, my husband and I have performed for audiences large and small, young and old. For the last couple of years. I had been trying to push the juggler me to the back so the publisher me, the professional one, can shine, but I realized I AM the sum of all my experiences.

Juggling speaks to who I am as a person, as an entrepreneur. Trying and failing and trying again is how I built my first career as a juggler and that’s how I’m building my second one as The Happy Self-Publisher. All the things I learned, I’ve taken with me on my new journey.

I also am […]

2403, 2016


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If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. ~ Milton Berle

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. ~ Milton Berle

1503, 2016

My Journey from Writer to Author

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I’m thrilled to have author, speaker and entrepreneur Donna Duffy as our guest blogger today. Donna recently published Embracing Autumn: A Motivational Field Guide for Midlife Women Entrepreneurs. This is her take on the experience.

Process, Presence and Positioning—My Journey from Writer to Author — Embracing Autumn

Writing a book has been on my heart and on my bucket list for years.  To have checked that off in 2015 brought a deep sense of pride and accomplishment.  The endeavor brought with it insight and lessons about self and what I value and hold dear. As a result, though my book has not flown off the shelves or gained me a spot on a national talk show, it has added to my contribution to the business world and […]

701, 2016

Who are you competing against?

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“If you continuously compete with others, you become bitter, but if you continuously compete with yourself, you become better.”

~ Unknown

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2511, 2015

Inspiration Wednesday

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Inspirational Quote

2111, 2015


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Creativity Quote

1105, 2015

Quote of the Day

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1212, 2012

The Circle of Life

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Circle of LifeThe phrase “circle of life” seems like a misnomer. I saw The Lion King on Broadway last weekend where to the phrase was transformed into melodic triumph and celebration. The hunter and the hunted stood side by side and recognized their place in the continuity of the savanna and the world.  Although sad in parts, it elevated the passing of life and miracle birth to showstopping grandeur. Yet, circle doesn’t aptly describe the transition.

Last night, I joined my friend and his family at his parent’s house. His dad is dying. Sent home with Hospice a few days ago, the 89 year old laid in a hospital bed in the living room surrounded by his family and friends. […]