1611, 2016

Obstacles to Selling Your Book, Part 2

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In 7 Obstacles to Selling Your Book, we discussed the external factors that inhibit your book sales. In Part 2, we’ll look at how we get in our own way. I encourage you to take notes and write down your thoughts and, if you’re brave, let us know what you discovered.

Don’t believe in your book

Of all of the reasons that your book isn’t selling, one of the biggest reasons for lackluster or no sales at all is you don’t believe your book is worthy of the price tag you put on it. There are a few possibilities as to why you feel this way: you know you didn’t do the work to carefully craft and revise it, you didn’t hire an editor to edit it, you got negative reviews, or […]

811, 2016

7 Obstacles to Selling Your Book

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I’ve yet to talk with an author that says, “My book is selling better than expected and I don’t need to figure out how to sell more.” Most authors express the opposite. “How do I sell more books?”

In talking with authors about their books and their marketing or lack of it, there are similarities that arise that get in the way of improving sales. Many of these issues could have been resolved before the book was written and published and some are post-publication fixes. This isn’t an exhaustive list. Check back next week for part 2 when I discuss the obstacles an author faces personally when selling their book. For now, let’s talk about the 7 obstacles to selling your book.

No market

One reason a book may not sell well is […]

2010, 2016

How to Write a Press Release for a Book

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You’ve just published or are about to publish a book and you want the world to know about it, right?

A press release is an effective way to capture the attention of the media and other organizations that may have a particular interest in your book…

IF you give news outlet, well, news.

Of course you are proud of your accomplishment. Your family and close friends think you are awesome. (I think you’re awesome!) But to make the various media print, post, mention, or shout it from the rooftops, you need to craft your press release that:

• Follows professional formatting guidelines
• Contains all pertinent information
• Makes it easy for the media outlet to use your release
• Is compelling information for their readers, followers, listeners, or watchers

How to Format a Press Release […]

2405, 2016

Table of Contents is Key to Promote Your Book

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In the few weeks since my latest book, Write a Book Grow Your Business came out, I’ve taken a break from writing the next one, but began looking for new ways to use the information I’ve spent so much time writing. I’ve had the luxury of a few extra hours of free time to read. A lot. In reading books about speaking, creating online courses, and various promotion and marketing opportunities, I already have everything I need to expand my reach to help more people find their voice. The months spent writing and publishing can now be used to promote my book(s) and has new life in other forms. The table of contents holds the key to unlock other income-generating channels. So, if you need more reasons to write your […]

1805, 2016

How to Maximize a Kindle Free Book Promotion

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Why give your book away?

While it might seem counterintuitive to give your book away to get sales, a Kindle free book promotion is an excellent way to meet a number of objectives:

Get more reviews – If you have a quality book, more readers drive attention to your book and generate more reviews. Reviews are the social proof that your book is worth reading whether someone pays for it or not. In the initial phase of launching your book, getting more reviews should be at the forefront of your efforts for to create long-term success for your book.

Highlight other books – If you have more than one book, alternating promotions from one book to the other(s) helps to cross-sell your books.

Drive traffic to website/your business – If your book is a […]

1304, 2016

5 Tools to Promote Your Ebook using KDP

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Do you want more mileage from your ebook? Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) gives you several tools to help you promote your ebook and get more readers. Here are 5 easy tools you can use today.

Kindle Instant Book Previews

Kindle Instant Book Previews allow you to share a link of your book in an email or embed a preview on your website. Go to your book page on Amazon and look on the right column for the pricing and purchase button. Scroll to the bottom to find the embed code link.

5 Ways to Promote Your Ebook

Here is the magnified view of the embed link at the bottom of the buy panel on your book’s Amazon page.

604, 2016

Relentlessly Helpful

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In business, in the business of selling books and in life, we all want something. We strive for success or to sell more books and get the good things in life. We want attention, recognition and satisfaction. There’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes we go about it in the wrong way.

Author Bob Burg created a fictional character to illustrate the proverb, “Give and ye shall receive.” In his book Go-Giver, Burg creates a scene in which the Joe tries to work harder and faster to get what he wants only to find out that it doesn’t work. His sales are down and struggles to understand why he isn’t successful. As we jump to the moral of the story, he finds success only when he concentrates on the needs of others. […]

2303, 2016

Publishing Tip #12

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Use a book as a way to get potential clients to know, like and trust you.

use a book as a way to get people to know like and trust you

803, 2016

Creating an Author Website: Part 3

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In Author Website: Part 1, we discussed the essential elements of a website. In Author Website: Part 2, we took a dive into maximizing SEO for your site. This installment will help you make the website work for you – how to encourage social engagement and get readers to share your content.

Encourage social engagement

There are many ways to get people to share your content. The first (and best) way is to write valuable information. By valuable, I mean you write what your readers want and need. Some readers want to be entertained. Others want to know they aren’t alone in their thoughts or struggles. There are sites that gather people together with a shared interest, like boating or mystery writing. Many want to become more informed about a […]

103, 2016

That About Covers It: Book cover design for your author brand

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This week’s guest post is by Ara Atkinson-Skinner, professional illustrator and branding expert. She shares an artist’s perspective on professional cover design. In addition to stunning book cover design, Ara also does spot and picture book illustration making her a creative treasure on your publishing team.

How many times have you heard the phrase, “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover”? When wearing one of my humanitarian or artistic hats, that phrase has been invaluable to me on so many levels. I can’t imagine how many things I would have missed out on if I did not develop my curiosity of looking beneath the surface of something or someone who didn’t resonate to my “normal”.  However, in this article, I’m not wearing those hats, I’m wearing my Marketing & Sales […]