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Lois Hoffman is the author of The Self-Publishing Roadmap: A step-by-step guide to publishing the book of your dreams. She is a writer, speaker, workshop facilitator, and coach for new and experienced writers. Combining her life-long passion for teaching with her expertise in self-publishing, Lois founded The Happy Self-Publisher to encourage writers to become authors and aspiring writers to put their thoughts on the page. She teaches writers to overcome writing, publishing, and book marketing obstacles through workshops and on her blog at www.loishoffman.net. She is also the author of The Almost Perfect Birthday Party: A sanity-preserving guide to planning a party your child will love. As a professional juggler and entertainer, she performs with her husband, Michael, as The Juggling Hoffmans. They share the gift of laughter at corporate, private, and community events. Her experience as an event planner and participant in 20+ years of birthday parties lead Lois to write about successfully, although perhaps not perfectly, planning a birthday party for children. She has also been published in Highlights for Children. Lois lives with her family in Newark, Delaware where she juggles her creative pursuits with enthusiasm and joy.
1110, 2016

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Blogging Your Book

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There are a lot of bloggers out there eager to take their writing to the next level. It’s logical that they are poised to become the next authors in their area of expertise. Unfortunately, many fail to make a successful transition because it’s not a perfect translation between blog and book. There are two ways to approach blogging your book:

  • Take your blog posts and compile the posts into a book
  • Outline a book and write blog posts as you are writing

I’ll tackle the former because this tends to trip people up the most. Here are the 7 most common mistakes by bloggers making the transition to writing a book.

  1. No clear purpose for the book
  2. Failure to target a specific audience
  3. Unclear value-added proposition for the reader
  4. Lack of structure
  5. Reads […]
510, 2016

Why Writers Procrastinate

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Is procrastination plaguing your writing life?

It’s ironic that when preparing to write this post, I’ve checked my email, worked on a course I am writing, gotten a sandwich, and avoided writing it. Maybe the procrastination gods are playing a cruel joke on me. Nonetheless, I am here, butt in seat.

Procrastination is an odd phenomenon, yet an all-too-common one. We want to get things done and off our minds. We know we’ll have more time for the fun and joy in life and avoid the Tums-inducing stress of waiting until the last minute. If we get it done, no one will nag us, our bosses won’t fire us, or we won’t have to pay the late fees on whatever we put off. For those of us who are writers, our blog […]

1409, 2016

Your Self-Publishing FAQs Answered

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Self-Publishing FAQs

Questions. When it comes to self-publishing, we’ve got a lot of them. Although I’m just scratching the surface, here are the answers to self-publishing FAQs to make writing and publishing your book easier and faster. Please ask your own questions in the comments if I don’t answer them here.

What’s the difference between traditional publishing, vanity publishing, and self-publishing?

When a book is traditionally published, the author usually gets paid an advance and royalties. The publishing house pays for editing, design, publication, and distribution. That’s the good news. The bad news is that publishing houses are trying to make money and therefore are VERY particular about who and what they will publish. It is difficult to find an agent who then hopes to place your book with a publisher. […]

706, 2016

5 Keys to Successfully Write a Book

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Of all of the steps it takes to successfully write a book, these are my top five things you must consider.

1. Clarify why you are writing it

The most important part of writing a book comes long before you’ve penned a single word—finding your why. There are many reasons people write: to gain credibility, establish expertise, express their views, heal, inspire, promote, entertain, among a multitude of other reasons. Your first job is to determine exactly why you are writing it. If your goal is to make sense of your struggles or share a family history, your approach to writing and subsequent marketing efforts will be different than if you are using it as a marketing tool to promote your business. Clarifying your why will determine your budget for the project instead […]

106, 2016

The Writing Habit

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When I first got the urge to write, it was far from a habit. I thought about it a lot, but I wrote when I “had time.” HA!

Then I met Margie, a fellow writer. Her  writing habit, or lack of it, looked like mine and we both wanted to write more.

We started small. We met once a week for two hours. As my brain and my family got used to me abandoning “real life” for my dream of being an author, it became natural and expected. I looked forward to it and so did my writing partner. We counted on each other. Over time, I added an extra day and then another day after that. And now, unless I have a networking event or an appointment, I write five days […]

2405, 2016

Table of Contents is Key to Promote Your Book

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In the few weeks since my latest book, Write a Book Grow Your Business came out, I’ve taken a break from writing the next one, but began looking for new ways to use the information I’ve spent so much time writing. I’ve had the luxury of a few extra hours of free time to read. A lot. In reading books about speaking, creating online courses, and various promotion and marketing opportunities, I already have everything I need to expand my reach to help more people find their voice. The months spent writing and publishing can now be used to promote my book(s) and has new life in other forms. The table of contents holds the key to unlock other income-generating channels. So, if you need more reasons to write your […]

1805, 2016

How to Maximize a Kindle Free Book Promotion

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Why give your book away?

While it might seem counterintuitive to give your book away to get sales, a Kindle free book promotion is an excellent way to meet a number of objectives:

Get more reviews – If you have a quality book, more readers drive attention to your book and generate more reviews. Reviews are the social proof that your book is worth reading whether someone pays for it or not. In the initial phase of launching your book, getting more reviews should be at the forefront of your efforts for to create long-term success for your book.

Highlight other books – If you have more than one book, alternating promotions from one book to the other(s) helps to cross-sell your books.

Drive traffic to website/your business – If your book is a […]

1005, 2016

Talk your book

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For those who find typing a challenge or who, like me, have handwriting that makes hieroglyphics seem legible, you can talk your book instead. Some may find this method less intimidating than writing. Others of us are great talkers, gifted with better oral skills than written ones.

It is a way to get your writing started and get thoughts out of your head quickly. Even if typing or writing it out is your preferred method, it may be the perfect solution if you are stuck on a chapter (or stuck in traffic). It uses different parts of your brain and the results may surprise you. Although it may not be perfectly typed as dictated, I find it easy to clean up the writing manually. In any case, it is at least worth […]

205, 2016

Write a Book Grow Your Business Book Release!

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It’s release day for my new book Write a Book Grow Your Business: Build credibility, establish expertise, and develop trust with your ideal client! It’s been in the works for a long time and I’m so thrilled that my vision is finally a reality. But, as much as I am excited about my achievement, the whole reason I wrote this book is to help YOU achieve it, too.

It is not just a guide to get your from first idea to printed book (or ebook). Just like a flower needs water, sunshine, and rich soil to flourish, this book will give the inspiration and encouragement to grow you AND your business.  My goal is to help you recognize the seeds of information and experience that you already have and transform them […]

1904, 2016

Write a Book Grow Your Business Unveiled

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Drum roll please…

I just received the proof of my new book, Write a Book Grow Your Business: Build credibility, establish expertise and develop trust with your ideal client. I couldn’t be more excited! After 15 months of researching, writing, editing, and production, the book finally came to life. There are a few more steps before I hand it over to the Amazon gods and many more hours of marketing and promotion ahead of me. For now, I’ll relish the accomplishment of realizing another goal­—my third book.

You might wonder if finishing a third book is as joyful as the first. Athletes are often asked how winning a second or third Super Bowl compares to the first if they are lucky enough to be in that position.

Each book starts with a […]