Adventures in Writing Nonfiction: A roadmap for writing a book people want to read

An online writing course for determined do-it-yourselfers.

how to write nonfiction

You’re driven to tell your story. You know what you’re going to say and you know it’s going to make an impact on people’s lives.

But there’s a problem. You don’t know how to start. Or maybe you’ve started, but just can’t find the direction forward.

I get it. There are only so many hours in the day, and you don’t have time to waste going down the wrong path, writing in circles. You need the easiest way to find your voice and share it with the world.

Adventures in Writing Nonfiction is designed just for you, the determined writer. This course guides you through each step of the writing process, from first word to last. But even more than that, answering the keystone questions put you on the right path for finding readers once you’re done. You’ll discover the why, who, and what behind your book which makes it easier to write and easier to sell.

We’ll explore how to choose the best framework for your book to attract the perfect readers. We’ll brainstorm the content to include only the most important information. I’ll show you how to organize the content for maximum flow and impact. Finally, you’ll learn how to polish and perfect your manuscript to create a book you are proud to bear your name.

Not only will you find step-by-step information in this course, but it will also give you the confidence and motivation to finish it. And once you do, that’s when the magic happens. You’ll discover the transformational power of writing your book.

Now, what this course isn’t. It isn’t a get-rich-quick course. It isn’t a write-it-in-a-weekend course. And I’m not promising your brain won’t hurt a little in the attempt.

CAN promise, you’ll be forever changed.

Who will benefit most from the course?

This course is for those seeking to write a nonfiction book whether you are writing a book to grow your business, looking to preserve family history, or have knowledge or vision to share with the world.

This course is for writers and pre-writers who are willing to dare greatly. It’s for those who are willing to sacrifice their time in the short-term to become something greater by the end. This course is for those ready to push their limits and explore what it means to do something extraordinary.

If you are driven by vision and determined to succeed, this course is for you.

You already know what happens when you say no. You remain right where you are now. Right where you always have been.

Imagine what life will look like when you say yes.

Details of the course:

  • It includes unlimited viewing of 10 modules including 41 high-quality videos to imagine, brainstorm, organize, write, and edit your book. Go back and view the material as many times as you like.
  • This is a self-paced course to fit perfectly into your schedule whether you want to zip through or need time to process the information.

It also includes:

  • Audio-only lessons of each chapter for distraction-free learning.
  • PDF transcript of each video for reviewing the material offline.
  • A PDF ebook combining every video transcript into one file, if you prefer to have it all in one place.
  • Writer’s Toolkit packed with questions, worksheets, templates, resources, and more each step of the course.
  • The Toolkit is also broken into chapters, and each chapter is included along with individual videos for targeting specific tasks. You’ll find PDF and Word files for use on your computer or for printing.
  • Technical support, if something isn’t working just right.
  • Instant access to additional material and resources as they are added.
  • The ability to schedule one-on-one coaching sessions, if you’re looking for additional help with any part of the book writing process (additional fee).

You get all this for $297. But, you can start your FREE TRIAL now! 

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Beyond my expections!
Well, Lois has definitely outdone herself this time. I cannot believe the information in this course. Not only is the information amazing AND fun to watch – it is now mine forever. I can refer back to an individual module, any time of the day or night I please, as I conquer my book writing. The modules are timed perfectly – as I know I am not one to sit still for long – yet I really look forward to the information coming in the next module. As well, I like the forms she provides for each module and the motivation and excitement she provides with each passing moment. Thank you!

Unlimited access for as long as you need. First access to any new bonus material I add.

Most importantly, I’m so confident you will benefit from this course, I’m offering a 14-day, 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the content in this course.

Information, inspiration, motivation, and confidence to get your book done – easier, faster, better.

Now is YOUR time. 
And I’ll be there to help.

The course is organized to maximize your effort and minimize the time you spend writing and editing. It especially helps when you sell your book, too.

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writing nonfiction

Check out the course outline.


  1. Welcome
  2. What you will learn
  3. How to use this course


  1. Why are you writing a book?
  2. What’s your vision?
  3. Who is your target audience?
  4. How will you solve your readers’ problem?


  1. Brainstorming the topic
  2. Cultivating book topic ideas
  3. Choosing the best idea


  1. Scattershot method
  2. Sticky note method
  3. Mind-mapping
  4. 20 Questions
  5. Storyboard
  6. Timeline
  7. Writing from what you’ve written


  1. Using your brainstorming work
  2. How-to or informational book story arc
  3. Arranging the information
  4. Memoir arcs and the through line
  5. Creating an outline
  6. Blogging your book


  1. Writing the first draft
  2. Including the human element
  3. Finding your voice
  4. Developing a writing style


  1. Readjusting your schedule
  2. Determining word count
  3. Setting weekly word count goals
  4. Duplicating your efforts
  5. Making a plan for obstacles
  6. Dealing with writer’s block
  7. Overcoming fear


  1. Writing the front matter
  2. Constructing the back matter
  3. Editing Your manuscript


  1. 38. Absorbing bits of wisdom
  2. Getting help
  3. 40. Finding the gem inside of you


  1. Final thoughts

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