You’ve got a book to write … and publish.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about what you want to say.
Maybe you’ve started writing.
Maybe you’ve even finished writing.

But every time you start researching self-publishing … whoa.

There’s so much to learn!
And it’s hard to find answers that make sense.
So even though you have a powerful creative drive to write and publish your book … you keep putting it off.

You want – you need – a guide on the journey

Today’s digital publishing world creates endless opportunities. Build credibility in your business, leave a legacy within your field or for your family, tell the stories that want to be told – it’s all possible.
And figuring out how to make that possibility into reality doesn’t have to be so confusing.

My bottom line is helping you succeed.

Self-publishing is a journey, and it’s easy to get lost in all the noise and confusion.
I’m Lois Hoffman – and I’m here to carry the load and show you the way.
I’ll clear away the confusion, respond to your concerns, arm you with tools, and lead you through each step of the journey.
Whether you choose a do-it-yourself path and learn from my workshops and course materials … or you want my customized one-on-one support … you’ll have solid, practical information that will inspire you to make your book into a reality.

And trust me: there’s nothing like holding your own book in your hands!

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Our introductory workshops engage your imagination by giving you an overview of the writing and self-publishing world and how you and your book fit in.
Our 90-minute consultations dive deeply into your book project to clarify your vision and give you specifics on how to effectively write, publish, and sell your book.
Our one-on-one coaching takes you from where you are on your publishing journey to where you want to go. It is personalized and effective with just the help you need to get your book published.

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.”
― Stephen King

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